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Interruptible Storage Service (ISS)

National Fuel Gas Supply Company’s pipeline network and system storage facilities are situated to provide access to Appalachian shale gas production areas as well as pipeline interconnects that access the growing markets in Canada and the Mid-Atlantic regions. Take advantage of our strategic location and commitment to customer service to maximize value and enhance your transportation portfolio.

  • This unbundled open access storage service is performed on an interruptible basis when and where capacity is available. It requires EFT, FT or IT transportation.
  • This is ideal for market hedging during periods in which excess storage is available (inject lower priced gas, withdraw as prices increase).
  • NFGSC may require withdrawal of gas with 30 days notice.
  • Fuel retention on transportation and surface operating allowance is charged on injection and withdrawal.
  • Injection charge, surface operating allowance and fuel retention on transportation is discounted on a case by case basis.
  • This service is eligible for transfers of storage balance service.

Applicable Rates for Interruptible Storage Service (ISS)

Tariff for Interruptible Storage Service (ISS)