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Payment Assistance

HEAP-Home Energy Assistance Program CLOSED

  • If you need help with your heating bill, or if you know someone who does, HEAP can help. HEAP is a federally funded Program that provides assistance to eligible customers to pay their home heating bills. Customers are encouraged to apply as soon as possible for assistance, as funds are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • HEAP is now closed
    • Grant amounts vary and will be provided only while HEAP funding remains available. Additional assistance may be available for those with a heating emergency. The maximum Regular HEAP grant for customers that use natural gas to heat their home is $401. HEAP grants are immediately posted to customer accounts when they are received from New York State.
  • Regular grants up to $401 are available to reduce the amount of your heating bill. A family of four earning $53,482 or less may qualify for assistance this year.

Income Eligibility

  • You may be eligible to receive HEAP benefits if your gross household income is at or below the following income levels:

Maximum Monthly Gross Income
Limit (1)
2017-2018 Approximate
Maximum Annual Gross Income
1 $2,318 $27,811
2 $3,031 $36,368
3 $3,744 $44,925
4 $4,457 $53,482
5 $5,170 $62,039
6 $5,883 $70,596
7 $6,017 $72,201
8 $6,150 $73,805
9 $6,284 $75,410
10 $6,418 $77,014
11 $6,733 $80,790
Each Additional Add $523 Per Person Add $6,270 Per Person

(1) Maximum monthly income limits are subject to change.

Emergency Benefits

  • You must have a shut off notice to apply for the Emergency HEAP benefit.
  • Beginning January 2, 2018, if you received a Regular HEAP benefit, you may call your county office to apply for a $350 Emergency HEAP benefit.
  • Callers should be prepared with their case number, social security number, utility account number, household income and resource amounts (bank account balance, etc.)

Neighbor for Neighbor Heat fund

  • The Fund, a first-come, first-served home-heating assistance grant program, is available to provide assistance to low-income Western New Yorkers to help:
    • Prevent disconnection of their utility service;
    • Pay current or past due energy bills (excluding electric utilities); or
    • Purchase home heating fuel of any kind.
  • Qualifying Western New Yorkers may receive a one-time grant of up to $500 per program year.
  • In order to qualify for a grant, applicants must fall into at least one of the following classifications:
    • Be at least 55 years old;
    • A member of their household must be handicapped or have a disability that reduces the household's income;
    • Have a certified medical emergency;
    • Be a Veteran;
    • Or be receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Other requirements to qualify:
    • Applicants must have made at least four payments of $25.00 or more to their heating bills within a 12-month period from the date of application.
    • Applicants must reside in National Fuel's service territory; however, they are not required to be a National Fuel customer.
    • Monthly income and expenses will be verified and grant applications are processed by administering agencies.
  • To apply, contact the following to find the nearest agency and determine the necessary documentation to bring to the application interview:
    • The Salvation Army at 716-883-9800, extension 230; or
    • Catholic Charities at 716-856-4494 or 716-218-1400 (ask for Parish Outreach).
    • In Chautauqua County, eligible families or individuals should contact:
      • The Salvation Army at 716-664-4108;
      • Catholic Charities at 716-372-0101 (ask for Parish Outreach); or
      • Chautauqua County Office for the Aging at 716-753-4471 if age 60 or over.
  • Are you interested in supporting the Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund?
    • Click here for the Neighbor for Neighbor Contribution Form.
    • Click here to login and find more information to submit your monthly pledge online.

Budget Plan

  • Our Budget Plan lets you stabilize your monthly bill for up to one year. The plan divides your estimated annual bill by 12.
  • We also offer a 10-month budget plan covering September through June.
  • We may adjust your Budget Plan amount periodically to ensure that it remains accurate.
  • Click here to login or create an account to sign up for the Budget Plan.

Deferred Payment Agreement

  • If you are unable to make your payment, please talk to a representative at one of our Customer Assistance Centers, or call us at 1-800-365-3234, as soon as possible.
  • You may be asked to provide income and expense information. Based on that, we may be able to arrange a deferred payment agreement.
  • If your financial situation changes, we may change your payment plan.

If You're Out of Work

  • National Fuel representatives offer advice on programs and assistance available to customers who are unemployed or expecting a layoff. Please call (716) 686-6123 or 1-800-365-3234 for more information.

Assistance Referrals

  • If National Fuel is unable to resolve your payment problems, we will find community services that may assist you. Our representatives can work together with social service agencies to help you determine if you are eligible for various public programs.
  • Special company programs are also available for customers with extreme financial hardships.
  • Please call (716) 686-6123 or 1-800-365-3234 for more information.

Special Programs for Customers with Special Needs

  • For Customers with Hearing or Speech Difficulties
    • You can communicate with us on electronic display (TTY or teletypewriter) by dialing 7-1-1. You will need to provide the relay operator with the telephone number you wish to call.
  • For the Visually Impaired
    • We can send bills and bill inserts in large type or Braille.
    • Some of our brochures may be requested in Braille.
    • National Fuel will send a representative to supply large numbered or Braille thermostats at no cost when the need is verified.
  • For Non-English Speaking Customers
    • Ask for “Language Line” any time, in person or by phone. A three-way conversation with a translator is involved.
  • Extra Security Plan for the Retired or Permanently Disabled
    • Offers an extra measure of security for uninterrupted gas service. It includes coordinating bill due dates to coincide with the arrival of income checks to allow for timely payment.
  • Elderly, Blind or Disabled Payment Troubled Residential Assistance
    • This program is designed to assist payment-troubled customers who are at least 62 years of age, blind or disabled.
    • Program features include a lower monthly gas rate, debt forgiveness, emergency heating equipment repair or replacement, and conservation measures depending upon individual circumstances.
    • Enrollment is limited.
  • Special Protections
    • National Fuel offers special protections for New York customers who reside in households where all residents are age 62 or older, 18 or younger, blind or disabled.
    • If you or anyone you know fit this description, please call us at 1-800-365-3234.
  • Third Party Notification
    • You can designate a third party to be notified in case you forget to pay your gas bills.
    • The designated third party is not responsible for paying your bill.
  • Assistance Plan for Hospitalized Customers
    • If you are anticipating a hospital stay of ten days or more, call us and we will tell you how to extend the due date of your gas bill by thirty days.
  • Assistance Referrals
    • If National Fuel is unable to resolve your payment problems, we will find community services that may assist you.
    • Our representatives can work together with social service agencies to help you determine if you are eligible for various public programs.
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